Norfolk & Suffolk 4X4 Response

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About the group
The club


The 4X4 Response Network has been set up to assist the emergency services and District Councils within Norfolk and Suffolk in time of severe weather and when their resources are stretched. We provide:

  • Four wheel drive capability for any situation (off road, flooding, severe weather etc.) for District Councils, Emergency Services and any other group who we may wish to support (RSPCA, NHS, etc.)
  • A co-ordinated group of competent individuals who have knowledge of search, rescue, navigation and communication skills to assist in the solution of any major problems (training can be given).
  • Vehicular support to RAYNET for personnel and equipment movement.
  • Vehicular support for other volunteer organisations.
  • Off road support for St. Johns Ambulance or other Fist Aid Organisation at organised events such as motor or equestrian events.
  • A chance for the members to have fun and test their vehicles (and their own) capabilities during exercises and events. 
  • A social gathering for like minded people.

We hold regular 'Green Lane Runs' to provide essential local knowledge. The group is not affiliated to any club or organisation and its only aims are those stated above. The group will not operate in any competitive forum at all as it is felt that this is adequately catered for by other clubs.

For full details of our constitution and club rules click here


Who are we?

Comprised of a group of volunteers who utilise their own vehicles and equipment to provide assistance to the emergency services and the community in times of severe weather or disaster.

Our members come from all backgrounds and walks of life, but all have three things in common: we all drive 4X4 vehicles, we all want to help the community and we all want have some fun.

From very early Series I Land Rovers to the latest Defenders, Range Rovers, Discovery’s, Daihatsu’s, Nissans & Isuzu 4 wheel drives; all have been used by Members in times of need.


What's it for

4X4 Response provides a network of volunteers with well maintained and well equipped 4 Wheel Drive vehicles able to respond to emergencies and situations likely to create a danger to the general public.

Close liaison is maintained to allow us to provide assistance to the normal emergency services and Council emergency planning departments when they are stretched to the limit and when four-wheel drive vehicles would be an advantage.


What have we done?

Formed in 1999, 4X4 Response has been on standby as required to assist in situations where effective response and transportation could only be achieved by the use of 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles. Its members have experience of rescuing stranded motorists in extreme blizzards, giving assistance during coastal flood alerts, searching for missing persons and assisting the ambulance service in bad snows when ambulances could not be used.

In addition our members have provided emergency support for Motorcycle Enduros, Cross Country Equestrian events, EACH Forest Rides, Sponsored Charity events and have attended various other events, including emergency exercises, throughout the year.


How does it work?

Spread across the counties the members are called out by the Controllers following a request from the emergency services.

Working in teams, the members will be directed to an incident.

Whenever possible 4X4 Response will work closely with RAYNET (Radio Amateurs Emergency Network) who provide communications between vehicles, the Controller and the User Service.  Many members are licensed Radio Amateurs who’s vehicles are equipped with VHF/UHF dual band transceivers.  Many other vehicles are equipped with special adapters ready to accept RAYNET long range radio equipment.

Upon arrival the members will work under the direction of the C.E.P.O. (County Emergency Planning Officer) or the Police for localised incidents or coastal flood alerts.


Can the family join in?

Although the main aim of the group is serious, there is an underlying essential ingredient - FUN!.

The group has social events where children and other family members are welcome. Many of the events we attend are suitable for the whole family.

‘Green lane runs’ take place where the whole family can come along across Norfolk & Suffolk. Greenlane runs are structured for all ‘classes’ of 4X4 and drivers.

Sometimes we organise weekend trips to other parts of the country exploring the lanes and camping (or hotels) locally.

We try an organise at least one ‘Fun Day’ each year at a local off-road course for existing and potential members.


What do you need to join?

  • A 4X4 Vehicle (if you wish to be on the Active Call Out List)
  • A willingness to help.
  • Live in the Norfolk/Suffolk area

What will you be expected to do?

You may wish to be entered on the ‘Active Call Out List’ in which case you will need to attend a driving and vehicle assessment, carry a minimum basic level of equipment and respond when called out and assist the emergency services to your best ability.

Or you may wish to act in another support function e.g. helping with events, co-ordinating social functions or even a position on the Committee.

Whichever you choose you will be expected to attend at least one event, one training exercises or one call-out per year.

For more details please go the membership page.


The Committee

The club is run by a committee, which meets at regular intervals.

The committee generally consists of:

  • Chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Controllers  - (non elected position appointed by the Committee)
  • Membership Secretary
  • Green Lane Co-ordinator
  • Exercise Co-ordinator
  • Training Co-ordinator
  • RAYNET Liaison
  • Enduro Co-ordinator
  • Shows & Events Co-ordinator
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Website Editor

It seems like a lot, but there’s a lot to do! In practice several of the functions are grouped together and covered by one individual. We are always looking for more help, there’s plenty to go around. All members and prospective members are welcome to attend. There is no bar to helping on the committee as long as you are a member; we welcome ‘new blood’ and new ideas

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